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Doulaing : The act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating, for assisting a woman potentially during labour, birth and beyond

How can i serve you as a Doula Tog?

As a Doula Tog, I am invited into your birth space. One of the most Vulnerable and intimate moments of your life, a time where you deserve to feel safe and seen. Heard and respected. And one of my main aims is to make you feel all of this and more!

My role is to support you physically and emotionally not only through you birth but through your pregnancy and your postpartum journey as well. A journey that is as unique and amazing as you are, because of this my care and services are tailored to suit your individual needs.

I will help to provide you with information and facts regarding all of your birthing choices. Helping you to prepare and be fully informed on any decisions you may need to make regarding your birth.

So where does the photography side fit in? By having both sets of skill I can provide you with both services, especially if you are birthing in an environment where you can only have limited support people. I am able to help you document your pregnancy, labour and birth

I am not here to judge you on your birthing options, and I will always support you in all of your choices

Why the lioness?

I aim to help you find your inner Lioness. I want to help you unleash your inner power, harness the love and become the ultimate protector. I want to hear you ROAR!

I will help provide you with knowledge, whilst helping you prepare your body for the birth of your baby and onwards into your next journey into motherhood.

I offer a safe space and a judgement free zone, whilst encouraging you to do YOU!

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Doula and Dads

It is often asked, "Does having a Doula present replace my partner?"

Absolutely not! In fact I work closely with your partner and sometimes he becomes the focus of my support as well.
I am dads biggest supporter, helping remind him the best ways to support and advocate for you.

We work together in providing physical support to make sure he is always able to provide you with love and care.

Having a doula present also helps to improve dads experience during the birth.

Birth Photography

I also offer Birth photography as a stand alone package as well.

I still bring with me all of my doula tools and hold the space for you.

Helping you capture your special moments, then telling your story through the images.

You can also book birth photograph as a stand alone package

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Post Natal Doula

It takes a village

Supporting you through your transition into parenthood is equally important to me as helping support you through your pregnancy and birth!

Knowing someone is there to help you with the cooking and cleaning. To make sure you are eating properly. Even if it is just someone to someone to sit with you.

It's the knowing that someone is there for support whenever you need them. Like the feeling of a nice warm hug.

If you need me I will be your village.
Post natal Doula Packages available

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I don't have many! but here are a few photos of action shots and my doula babies 👶 🥰🥰

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