My Story

Doula, Birth worker, birth photographer

About Me

My Name is Emily however I generally always go by Em. I am driven by a deep desire to help encourage and support women through their journey. To me it is so important that whatever stage of your journey you are that you feel seen and heard. And this is the driving force behind every aspect of my business. I am a fun loving and easy-going women. I enjoy laughing and dancing around a room. I do try and make a joke where I can although I’m not sure I am funny!

I am also a co-author of a best-selling book in which I look at my own journey through matrecesence and how that has shaped who I am and what I do today. I am a mum of 3 beautiful earth side Babies: Evie, Connor and Axel. And I also have one baby in heaven.

I am a huge believer in the importance of self-care and making sure that I take the time to look after myself so that I can help to support and care for those around me to the best of my ability.

I also will often get on the other side of the camera so that I too understand how it feels to be so raw and vulnerable and I understand how that can make you feel!

I am an Aquarian with a Leo rising who loves the colours purple and sage, I adore all things crystals and at the same time my family and I hold Christian values.

I look forward to getting to know you!

Image By Jamie form Areia Photography

Why Did I Become a Doula

My aim as your doula is to support, educate and encourage you through your pregnancy and birthing journey. I aim to provide you with a judgment free zone and a safe space for you to explore all your options on how to prepare your mind, your body and your emotions for the whirlwind that is birth.

I want you to embrace your inner Lioness as you enter the journey into motherhood! Capture the fierce power, the ultimate protector, the innate instincts and the never-ending love. I want to hear you ROAR!

In March 2015 I became a mother for the first time, however my husband and I entered the birthing journey with very little knowledge and a very go with the flow attitude. All of this I believe culminated in the birth ending in an emergency cesarean for failure to progress although I do believe it was more a failure to wait. This whole process set me on a journey to discover as much as I could about birth, the body and the mind, as I prepared for my next birth.

My second pregnancy ended in a 12-week missed miscarriage. This was made even more traumatic not only by the experience within the hospital but by the lack of acknowledgment afterwards, however it further fuelled the fire to achieve the natural birth I so desired.

In June of 2018 I had a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and compared to my first birth I was as educated as I thought I could be going into the birth and I was supported the whole way through my birth. I had such an amazing and empowering birth that I knew that I was meant to help others not only to achieve a positive birthing experiences what ever that may be, but also as they enter their next journey into parenthood whether that be for the first time or the tenth!

Ariea Photography

Ariea Photography

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So How Did I End Up Here?

After I discovered my desire to help women in their journeys I began my face to face doula training in September 2019 at The Doula Training Academy. The months that followed I meet some absolutely amazing women who have helped me grow and find my own power. Not long after completing my training Covid hit, which threw a huge spanner in the works! But I wasn't going to let that stop me. One day, and in all fairness I really don't remember how it actually happened I made the choice to delve into the photography world, I am at a birth anyway why not learn how to capture these moments for the parents. And so there I found myself, training to be a birth photographer cue the birth of the Doula Tog.

In July of 2020 I had my first birth, which was an absolutely incredible experience and I new that this was the world I was supposed to be in. The whole while I was learning so much about myself along the way too!

Cue photography workshop learning more about motherhood and family photography, I was obsessed. I was finally in a world of like minded people, in a world where women were building other women up! I just wanted more and more. By this stage I had begun booking more and more doula clients as well as a birth photography client so I was already feeling on top of the world.

Then the opportunity to go on Belle Verdiglione's photography retreat came up, and well of course I jumped at it... Well what a wild ride that was. Being submersed in among so many creative like minded women for 3 days the magic was exploding at the seems. And this lead to the creation of the idea for Motherhood to Maiden. and the next stage in the story the current chapter.

Walking away from the retreat was like I was walking away a totally different person. I had a new energy, a totally new level of confidence one that I have never had and I completely different idea. I also walked away with a different level of admiration for my body and the incredible things that it has done for me. I loved everything about it and I had no fear in getting naked in front of a camera, which previously scared the shit out of me.

So here I am showing up authentically, this is me. Raw, real and true. The good the bad and the ugly. And that is what I aim to strive for especially in my photography.

Doula, Birth worker, birth photographer

Image By Belle Verdiglione